4th Quarter Play-by-Play

  BLUE15 vs. WHITE15
  Date: Apr 18, 2015 • Site: University Park, Pa.

4th Quarter Play-by-Play
Blue15 2-10on White1516Start of 4th quarter, clock 12:00.
Blue15 2-10on White1516Hackenberg, C. pass complete to Garrity, Gregg for 14 yards to the WHITE152, 1ST DOWN BLUE15.
Blue15 1-Gon White1502Hackenberg, C. pass incomplete to Hamilton, D..
Blue15 2-Gon White1502Hackenberg, C. pass complete to Blacknall, S. for 2 yards to the WHITE150, TOUCHDOWN, clock 10:35.
Julius, Joey kick attempt good.
BLUE15 17, WHITE15 7
 Drive: 8 plays, 75 yards, TOP 10:55
Julius, Joey kickoff 65 yards to the WHITE150, touchback.
White15 1-10on White1525WHITE15 drive start at 08:35.
White15 1-10on White1525Stevens, Tommy pass incomplete to Diehl, Kyler (Farmer, Koa).
White15 2-10on White1525Stevens, Tommy rush for 5 yards to the WHITE1530, out-of-bounds.
White15 3-5on White1530Stevens, Tommy pass incomplete to Turner, Javon.
White15 4-5on White1530Liebel, Robby punt 28 yards to the BLUE1542, fair catch by Garrity, Gregg.
 Drive: 3 plays, 5 yards, TOP 2:45
Blue15 1-10on Blue1542BLUE15 drive start at 05:50.
Blue15 1-10on Blue1542Fessler, Billy pass incomplete to Garrity, Gregg.
Blue15 2-10on Blue1542Allen, Mark rush for 1 yard to the BLUE1543 (Cothran, Curtis;Holmes, Joe).
Blue15 3-9on Blue1543Fessler, Billy pass complete to Allen, Mark for 11 yards to the WHITE1546, 1ST DOWN BLUE15 (Apke, Troy).
Blue15 1-10on White1546Fessler, Billy pass complete to Garrity, Gregg for 11 yards to the WHITE1535, 1ST DOWN BLUE15 (Dudas, Jordan).
Blue15 1-10on White1535Fessler, Billy pass incomplete (Alston, Kyle).
Blue15 2-10on White1535Fessler, Billy pass incomplete to Zanellato, Matt.
Blue15 3-10on White1535Fessler, Billy pass complete to Gesicki, Mike for 10 yards to the WHITE1525, 1ST DOWN BLUE15.
Blue15 1-10on White1525Fessler, Billy pass complete to Lewis, Geno for 7 yards to the WHITE1518 (Ford, Seth;Walker, Von).
Blue15 2-3on White1518Fessler, Billy pass complete to Lewis, Geno for 17 yards to the WHITE151, 1ST DOWN BLUE15.
Blue15 1-Gon White1501End of game, clock 00:00.
 Drive: 9 plays, 57 yards, TOP 5:50