2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Virginia Tech vs. Penn State
  Date: Nov 23, 2014 • Site: University Park, Pa.

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].
 For VT: #1 Kaylyn Smith, #19 Jordan Coburn, #21 Madi Conyers, #8 Danielle King, #3 Katie Yensen, #6 Jodie Zelenky, #15 Ashley Meier, #18 Candace Cephers, #20 Murielle Tiernan, #22 Morgan Conklin, #4 Shannon Mayrose.
 For PSU: #9 Crouse,Frannie, #20 Williford,Salina, #16 Weber,Mallory, #3 Hurd,Emily, #11 Rodriguez,Raquel, #10 Ogle,Emily, #5 Elliston,Maddie, #17 Church,Whitney, #7 Ball,Elizabeth, #14 Chapic,Kori, #28 Eckerstrom,Britt.
 Foul on Penn State.
 Foul on Virginia Tech.
[52:07]  Shot by PSU Crouse,Frannie, SAVE Kaylyn Smith.
 Corner kick by PSU Ogle,Emily [52:07].
[52:07]  Shot by PSU Rodriguez,Raquel HIGH.
[52:42]  GOAL by VT Ashley Meier, Assist by Danielle King, goal number 7 for season.
Virginia Tech 1, Penn State 1
 8 yds out, bottom right corner
[52:42]  VT substitution: Bria Dixon for Murielle Tiernan.
[52:42]  PSU substitution: Schafer,Megan for Crouse,Frannie.
 Foul on Penn State.
[60:14]  Shot by PSU Hurd,Emily, SAVE Kaylyn Smith.
 Foul on Virginia Tech.
 Foul on Penn State.
[64:01]  VT substitution: Alani Johnson for Shannon Mayrose.
 Corner kick by PSU Ogle,Emily [65:33].
[66:13]  PSU substitution: Echard,Haleigh for Hurd,Emily.
 Corner kick by PSU Ogle,Emily [66:45].
[66:48]  Header Shot by PSU Chapic,Kori HIGH.
[68:06]  Shot by VT Candace Cephers HIGH.
[69:37]  Shot by VT Alani Johnson WIDE LEFT.
 Foul on Virginia Tech.
[70:39]  GOAL by PSU Weber,Mallory, Assist by Ogle,Emily, goal number 8 for season.
Penn State 2, Virginia Tech 1
 *off of free kick, header
[72:00]  PSU substitution: Crouse,Frannie for Schafer,Megan.
[72:00]  VT substitution: Murielle Tiernan for Madi Conyers.
[73:08]  VT substitution: Shannon Mayrose for Alani Johnson.
 Foul on Virginia Tech.
[74:58]  PSU substitution: Hurd,Emily for Weber,Mallory.
[76:01]  Shot by PSU Williford,Salina WIDE RIGHT.
[79:54]  Shot by PSU Echard,Haleigh HIT POST.
[80:00]  PSU substitution: Weber,Mallory for Echard,Haleigh.
[80:00]  VT substitution: Madi Conyers for Morgan Conklin.
[80:36]  Shot by VT Bria Dixon WIDE RIGHT.
[83:27]  Shot by VT Ashley Meier HIGH.
[83:32]  PSU substitution: Schafer,Megan for Crouse,Frannie.
[84:12]  Yellow card on VT Danielle King.
 Foul on Virginia Tech.
 End of period [90:00].